Symbolic of what it may represent, I have never worked on any print longer than on this one. It was my first, and so far my only, experience with woodcutting. It was a painstaking experience, but definitely worth it in the end. The bottom coloured layer is a woodcut and the top, more detailed black layer is a linocut.

I printed different versions of this work, but am most proud of the print on cork. Because of the tough parts in the cork, soft material of the plywood and the great pressure I put on the press, the structure of the cork is even visible on the larger grey prints, which were printed in a later stage.

The prints executed in green and black were printed on A4 light brown kraft paper and darker cardboard. The grey version was printed on cork tiles and later on on a larger size of simili japon paper. The total edition of this work counts 25 prints, on these various media. The woodcut itself measures 23 cm x 23 cm. The A4 sized prints are available in the shop. Unfortunately I’m not able to send the larger sizes just yet, but be sure to contact me if you’re interested.